Shout Out To Storage Perth WA!

Hey all. We hardly update our site. Pretty much because people rather look up our site in order to contact us and join our judo club, rather than sitting around online browsing our site. Hahaha, we don’t mind, in fact we rather people to be active than not. But when we do publish a post, it is mostly to praise people in our community who helped us out.

The last time we published a post, we told the story about how our place got broken into. This time we wanted to give a shout out to a storage company here in Perth called Storage Perth WA who gave us a community discount to store our gear in their storage facility during our three week renovation. The owner Shannan, should be named and praised like he deserved to be!

Shannan said he was happy to help out because of his passion in keeping kids active, in particular martial arts. He gave us a “community rate discount”, rather than a full commercial rate. As the discount was very generous, we managed to absorb the cost; rather than passing it on to our members.

We’ve told Shannan that if he ever needed a favour from us in the future, then he’s got our number!

It is a good example of Perth local businesses helping one another. We needed help and Storage Perth WA delivered!

Some members of ours actually gladly offered theirĀ  home as storage space. But we had to kindly refuse the offer, simply because we didn’t want to inconvenience anybody. Although we really needed the help, we didn’t want to pass on the burden to others. Sure, we wanted to save some cash, but we won’t trouble people for it.. especially our members! Besides we had lots of stuff to store, so it was only logical to seek help from a storage facility; whose specialty is to.. well.. store stuff away!

Here’s a photo we took of the awesome storage facility we were privileged to get access to:

storage facility

Once again, many many thanks to Shannan and the gang!

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