Judo Open Day for the Public

This Saturday afternoon the Judo Club is hosting its semi-annual open day, where members of the public can come and watch demonstrations, participate in short free workshops, make inquiries for meet ups and be part of a fun barbecue party! The Judo Club will also be networking other Judo organisations in the area talking about registering for upcoming tournaments and excelling tot he next level of their training.

Free workshops include Judo basics for kids and adults, self-defence tactics and breathing exercises. Our senior members will do a few demonstrations of basic moves and showcase their skills in an exciting sparring session. Head instructors will be holding a Q&A about what it’s like to compete, their experiences training in Judo and the history of the martial art itself.

The open day is free and welcomes the public to its doors, attracting new members and spreading awareness of the martial art. It’s an excellent venue for students of all stages to show us what they’ve been taught, and it’s a great way for first-timers to get a taste of what training in Judo will be like. You’ll love the friendly vibe and supportive instructors that we hope will make you consider becoming part of our growing Judo family.

The Judo Club has been in operation for nearly fifteen years and produced a number of graduates that have gone on to compete (and win!) in national and regional tournaments.

Come along to get more information on Judo and engage with the community. We should warn you though, the Judo club open days have the tradition of being crashed by the local nearby karate school, so expect some exciting shenanigans of the water-balloon variety to happen at some point during the day!

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