Reasons Why You Should Join our Judo Club

The Judo Club is back for a new season, and we’re welcoming more new students than ever! From young beginners to seasoned practitioners working toward the next level in their studies, our judo club family is growing bigger and bigger. So if you have a free evening in the week and are looking for a way to get fit, make friends and become part of globally recognised, highly-valued martial art, you should consider joining us!

Our head instructor Kathy Sato proudly talks about the benefits of joining our particular Judo Club. “We are a well-established community whose oldest members have been part of it for nearly ten years. This provides a wide range in experience where more advanced students can help guide newer ones. We all know each other very well and act like a family. The Judo Club is also proud to be a part of the wider martial arts network. This way we help train interested individuals for tournaments. Our studies are focused on discipline, fitness, reflex conditioning and simply keeping a valuable martial art alive.”

The Judo Club has produced a number of national and regional tournament winners in the last fifteen years, of different cultures and genders showing just how inclusive the Judo Club is and how effective their practices are. Kenji, a 3rd Kyu member, says that the Judo Club is very welcoming and supporting. “I used be really shy and quiet,” Kenji says. “Judo helped me become a little more confident and assertive. That’s the best thing about joining the club for me!”

The Judo Club is a well-known and highly respected part of the local community. Located just behind the major shopping center, almost everyone in the area knows where to find it and even who might be involved. It has close ties to the karate and wing chun clubs in neighbouring suburbs, and sometimes all three organisations get together for barbecue, games and drinks.

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