We’re Moving Out!

moving out

Some of you out there might of already heard. We’re moving out! We wanted to officially to tell you all the news right here on our website. Some of you might think it is a rumour, but sadly it is true. We will not disclose the exact reasons but let’s just say that we’re going to a bigger and better place (to stay positive). We will miss our old premise, but we have to move on. We have not yet found a replacement premise. So please bear with us during this time of uncertainty. We’d gladly appreciate if you stick with us.

As mentioned above, we have not yet confirm the new premise that we’ll be moving out to. In the mean time, our plan was to put all the gears in storage until we have signed up with a new place. For those who are wondering the removalists we’re hiring, it will be Crusader Removals. Check out their website at http://www.crusaderremovals.com.au for more info. We’ve heard many good stuff about these Perth removalists. They are active in the local Perth community, just like we are. So why not support another local business right?

Some of you out there have reached out to us wanting to help with the move. As much as we appreciate it, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Not that we don’t trust you! But for the sake of insurance purposes, we have to go with a registered business. In case something went wrong with the move. In case some of our gear gets damaged etc.

Just like your typical house move, this move (when it happens) will no doubt be an emotional one. To all of our current members, we’d like to say a big thank you for all of your support. Hopefully, our new place won’t be to far away from the current one; as we would love for our current members to stay with us! If location wise, it won’t be possible; we understand. If you’re looking to join another judo club, feel free to contact us and we will happily recommend one for you.

Anyways, that’s all we’ve go to say. So stay tune for the news about our new place, hopefully in the near future.

Reasons Why You Should Join our Judo Club

The Judo Club is back for a new season, and we’re welcoming more new students than ever! From young beginners to seasoned practitioners working toward the next level in their studies, our judo club family is growing bigger and bigger. So if you have a free evening in the week and are looking for a way to get fit, make friends and become part of globally recognised, highly-valued martial art, you should consider joining us!

Our head instructor Kathy Sato proudly talks about the benefits of joining our particular Judo Club. “We are a well-established community whose oldest members have been part of it for nearly ten years. This provides a wide range in experience where more advanced students can help guide newer ones. We all know each other very well and act like a family. The Judo Club is also proud to be a part of the wider martial arts network. This way we help train interested individuals for tournaments. Our studies are focused on discipline, fitness, reflex conditioning and simply keeping a valuable martial art alive.”

The Judo Club has produced a number of national and regional tournament winners in the last fifteen years, of different cultures and genders showing just how inclusive the Judo Club is and how effective their practices are. Kenji, a 3rd Kyu member, says that the Judo Club is very welcoming and supporting. “I used be really shy and quiet,” Kenji says. “Judo helped me become a little more confident and assertive. That’s the best thing about joining the club for me!”

The Judo Club is a well-known and highly respected part of the local community. Located just behind the major shopping center, almost everyone in the area knows where to find it and even who might be involved. It has close ties to the karate and wing chun clubs in neighbouring suburbs, and sometimes all three organisations get together for barbecue, games and drinks.


Our Graduation Day

Last Tuesday afternoon our Judo club was proud to celebrate its fifth graduation day, with eight students attaining the rank of Fifth Dan and the highest rank of achievement provided by the club. Our graduation ceremony began with some words of appreciation from our head instructor, Kathy Sato; then commenced to a demonstration of all the students’ skills, one last two-minute sparring session the graduates would have with each other as students, closing remarks from junior head instructor Bobby and then a barbecue, where we played a game of frisbee!

The 2016 graduates of the Judo club have each been training for more than five years, putting in a lot of effort and hard work into attaining their personal goal. Together they have learned the values of discipline, control and perseverance. They diligently pursued their passion while juggling work, school and family. These families proudly attended the graduation to see the students at their finest, as they proved the merits of all those years of hard work.

Although it was graduation, we still manage to do some action, check it out:

judo action

When asked, the students enthusiastically talked about how they wanted to continue applying their studies. Two had already spoken with Ms. Sato about staying on as junior instructors, teaching more members of the Judo club. Two, including Bella Rigel who has already won a senior third-kyu regional tournament in 2013, plan on joining international championships. Simon, our oldest graduate, simply sees the attainment of 5th Dan as a personal goal that has been achieved, and is happy to stop there, while Kenji and Robin want to pursue further leaning in Judo and achieve the levels beyond 5th Dan, with ambition to reach the highly-coveted 1st Dan sometime in the future. Amy, one of the youngest graduates, hopes to focus on her own studies abroad but intends to look for somewhere she can still practice her skills. Almost all of our graduates joked about ‘running away and forming a ninja coven,’ which only proves how close they have all become in their years training alongside one another.

We wish our Fifth Dan Graduates all the best, from the Judo Club!


Judo Open Day for the Public

This Saturday afternoon the Judo Club is hosting its semi-annual open day, where members of the public can come and watch demonstrations, participate in short free workshops, make inquiries for meet ups and be part of a fun barbecue party! The Judo Club will also be networking other Judo organisations in the area talking about registering for upcoming tournaments and excelling tot he next level of their training.

Free workshops include Judo basics for kids and adults, self-defence tactics and breathing exercises. Our senior members will do a few demonstrations of basic moves and showcase their skills in an exciting sparring session. Head instructors will be holding a Q&A about what it’s like to compete, their experiences training in Judo and the history of the martial art itself.

The open day is free and welcomes the public to its doors, attracting new members and spreading awareness of the martial art. It’s an excellent venue for students of all stages to show us what they’ve been taught, and it’s a great way for first-timers to get a taste of what training in Judo will be like. You’ll love the friendly vibe and supportive instructors that we hope will make you consider becoming part of our growing Judo family.

The Judo Club has been in operation for nearly fifteen years and produced a number of graduates that have gone on to compete (and win!) in national and regional tournaments.

Come along to get more information on Judo and engage with the community. We should warn you though, the Judo club open days have the tradition of being crashed by the local nearby karate school, so expect some exciting shenanigans of the water-balloon variety to happen at some point during the day!


Shout Out To Storage Perth WA!

Hey all. We hardly update our site. Pretty much because people rather look up our site in order to contact us and join our judo club, rather than sitting around online browsing our site. Hahaha, we don’t mind, in fact we rather people to be active than not. But when we do publish a post, it is mostly to praise people in our community who helped us out.

The last time we published a post, we told the story about how our place got broken into. This time we wanted to give a shout out to a storage company here in Perth called Storage Perth WA who gave us a community discount to store our gear in their storage facility during our three week renovation. The owner Shannan, should be named and praised like he deserved to be!

Shannan said he was happy to help out because of his passion in keeping kids active, in particular martial arts. He gave us a “community rate discount”, rather than a full commercial rate. As the discount was very generous, we managed to absorb the cost; rather than passing it on to our members.

We’ve told Shannan that if he ever needed a favour from us in the future, then he’s got our number!

It is a good example of Perth local businesses helping one another. We needed help and Storage Perth WA delivered!

Some members of ours actually gladly offered their  home as storage space. But we had to kindly refuse the offer, simply because we didn’t want to inconvenience anybody. Although we really needed the help, we didn’t want to pass on the burden to others. Sure, we wanted to save some cash, but we won’t trouble people for it.. especially our members! Besides we had lots of stuff to store, so it was only logical to seek help from a storage facility; whose specialty is to.. well.. store stuff away!

Here’s a photo we took of the awesome storage facility we were privileged to get access to:

storage facility

Once again, many many thanks to Shannan and the gang!


Lock Damaged During Break-in

First post for our website and it’s somewhat a sad one.

Apology for the cancellation of last week’s adult’s Thursday class. Most of you might not know, but we had a break-in incident with the front lock heavily damaged. It was a last minute discovery, about an hour before class was scheduled to start. A last minute notice was given via phone or sms. But there are some that didn’t receive the news for some reason or another and turned up to class only to discover the cancellation notice I stuck on the door.

This post is to give a brief memo on what happened that day last week and the actions taken to rectify the damaged property and also how we can hopefully prevent it from happening again. With that being said, you’re still more than welcome to contact us if you have any further questions with regards to last week’s incident.

As mentioned above, we had a break-in incidence which happened through the front door of our premises. The thieves managed to “knock out” the front lock and helped themselves in. Luckily, they only got away with somewhat minor stuff. The missing items were four cushioning pads (for knee kicks), several boxing gloves (used for our warm ups) and a couple of our master’s outfits.

Since the original lock was broken, we had to call a locksmith to fix it. Luckily, one of our student knew a good locksmith from Power Lock and Security named Clint. He replaced the lock with a more modern and better lock that should be harder for break. I have to admit, the original lock we had on the door is somewhat an old one. So I am not surprised they managed to break it quite easily. The locksmith also told me that the new lock installed is also compatible with the digital pad (for input) should we want to upgrade for better protection and semi automated access.

As for the items that were stolen during the burglary, our insurance company will be replacing it with brand new stuff! To be honest, I didn’t know that they would, which the insurance company confirmed. But since we haven’t made a claim since we signed up (a few years ago, they’ve decided to give us a bonus by replacing it with brand new items. We are of course very grateful of teir kindness. I guess, we shouldn’t lose hope with people’s generosity – even the big companies!

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I have to say about the incident last week. Looking at it from a positive point of view – we got a brand new lock and of course brand spanking fighting gears out of it. Ohh.. once again, we’d like to say a big thank you to Clint the locksmith who came out at such a very low notice and did an awesome job fixing our lock.